5 Reasons Why You Should Try New Things


Have you ever been scared to try something new? It’s an understandable fear and one that I relate to keenly. However, I’ve recently begun to look at trying new things in a different way and realized that new experiences can bring us incredible benefits.

Here are few ways that trying new things can help you flourish

1. Gain New Talents and Skills

When you try something new, you’re likely to learn a new skill because of it. Even if you only try that new thing once, you’ll likely be using skills that you haven’t focused on practicing before. And although these new skills might not be needed for your specific profession, you may find ways to apply them and expand your creativity.

2. Meet New People and Network

Whatever new activity you try, you’ll probably be able to make new friends and add valuable people to your network. You never know when you might be grateful to know someone active in another profession or hobby. Plus, one day, others might be grateful to know you and ask for your expertise!

3. Gain Valuable Experience

You won’t just learn how to do something new if you try it. You’ll also gain valuable experience that can propel your own career. Trying new things can be hard, but learning to adapt to new situations allows you to better adapt to the difficult situations that arise in your own field. Start trying new things, and you’ll find the curveballs in your own creative pursuits are easier to dodge.

4. Gain Unique Perspective

Your new experiences as you try new activities can help you look at the world differently. Everyone has their own perspective on life, and that perspective is influenced by the things we love and do. So, when you understand a new activity or hobby, you’ll also come to understand the people who love and do those things. This perspective can help you better connect with people as you create your own work.

5. Curate the Attribute of Bravery

Finally, as you try new things, you will develop important attributes like bravery. Trying new things can be scary and overwhelming at times. But when we find the inner strength to finish what we started, whatever the result, we become braver and more confident. That bravery is important to your professional creative work too! Your increased bravery will help you take risks and put yourself out there.


At first, the advice to try new things might seem like a distraction from your work. But in the long run, taking courage to enjoy new experiences can actually improve you and help you find more joy and success in your creative pursuits. So, what are you waiting for? Make a goal to try something new!

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Jubril Damilare Somade

Tech | Childhood Educator | Entrepreneur

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