Learn How to be Competitive in Business 


Competition is healthy for businesses – it will force you to innovate, staying ahead of the curve.

You don’t want to back down, but you aren’t sure how to combat competition.

1. Know Your Customers

Did you know 80% of companies don’t have enough customer data to build effective marketing campaigns?

By knowing your customers, you can build a relationship between them and your company, extending the customer lifecycle beyond only a couple of purchases. Using online tools such as Facebook’s Audience Insights, your company can better understand what ultimately triggers your customer to make a purchase.

2. Understand the Competition

First, take a hard look at the things your competitor does. Does that company have intimate conversations with customers that lead to conversions? Do they have a unique angle to tell their story from?

Second, look to see what your competitor doesn’t do, and then try to fill in that part of the market.
To understand your competition, it is most important to examine the marketplace.

3. Highlight Your Difference

After completing market research, understand what makes you different from the competition. Do you have more ethical sourcing for products? Or, maybe your prices are cheaper. Perhaps you have an angle to your company’s story that could push you above the competition.
You can use your differences to learn how to handle competition in business.

4. Clarify Your Message

To attract customers, your company needs to have a clear message. Customers want to know what you can do for them that no one else can, and that is how you will win their business.

By consciously considering your audience with each message, you too, will be able to communicate more clearly with consumers.

5. Explore Strategic Partnership Opportunities

For businesses, partnership opportunities are very popular right now. Most businesses are reaching out to others in the hopes of reaching a new market or demographic. These symbiotic relationships help both partners by providing some sort of opportunity that was not otherwise attainable.

6. Keep Innovating

In today’s world, it is crucial to iterate, iterate, and iterate. That should be your marketing team’s mantra in today’s constantly shifting world of online media. As pointed out earlier, your new and old markets benefit from innovation as well.

By constantly innovating, your team will stay focused on the goal while keeping your customers interested in your company.

7. Look After Your Team

Your products are only as good as your team. This may not seem like the most obvious tactic in learning how to handle competition in business. However, you can keep your team productive by keeping them happy as well.

Helping your employees find happiness in their work will lead to dedication from employees – and this is where you can beat your competition.


There are a million ways to combat competition in business, but which are suitable for your company?

Following these strategies to handle competition in your business will help you better understand what your customers need.

Make your website appealing for visitors so they will return and buy from you.


Jubril Damilare Somade

Tech | Childhood Educator | Entrepreneur

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