Practical Tips of Self Learning


A self-driven approach to learning can be an effective way to develop new skills and areas of expertise. Self-driven learning strategies can provide a wide range of benefits for professionals who want to grow their careers. To become an effective self-learner, it’s essential to understand the concept and discover different techniques that you can apply to your learning process.

What is self-learning?

Self-learning is the method of gathering, processing, and retaining knowledge without the help of another person. Any knowledge you get outside of a formal educational setting, such as through self-study or experience, is self-driven learning. This approach can be beneficial for people who prefer learning at their own pace or who don’t have enough time to complete academic courses or programs.

Self-driven learning allows you to assess and enhance your knowledge through practical application with little to no formal evaluation. If done effectively, this form of education can increase feelings of accomplishment and a sense of purpose. It can also help you gain critical skills that may help you advance in your career. Videos, podcasts, books, experiments, webinars, online certifications, and other formats can be effective for this form of learning.

Benefits of a self-driven learning approach

Here are some prominent benefits of self-based learning:

Gives control over the learning experience

Self-driven learning gives learners the flexibility to think, interpret, and apply the knowledge they gain at their own pace, which is often not possible with system-centric learning. It also allows learners the freedom to refer to multiple knowledge sources. With this type of learning, learners can easily monitor their progress and adjust the learning experiences to match their preferences. This can be particularly helpful for working professionals whose schedules make it more difficult to pursue in-class learning.

Facilitates individualized learning

Classroom teaching and other forms of traditional learning systems usually have set structures that may not be suitable for all learners. Some people can easily understand written text, whereas others may be more comfortable learning from less traditional formats, such as videos and podcasts. Self-driven learning enables the learner to study in a format that helps them understand and retain maximum knowledge.

Builds critical soft skills

Self-driven learning can cultivate a desire to try new things and approach challenges from new viewpoints while also increasing enjoyment from the process of learning. Learners can learn about crucial skills like time management, goal setting, and organization while achieving their learning goals. By taking on new topics and solving different challenges, learners may experience an increase in their problem-solving abilities. This approach can also help individuals stay focused and develop better attention to detail.

Creates intrinsic motivators

As learners understand and apply new knowledge, they may develop new sources of motivation and engagement. After witnessing the benefits of self-learning in their professional or personal lives, they may feel more motivated and committed to building a sustainable cycle of rewards based on their experience. This can encourage learners to take more responsibility at work, showcase their expertise, and access more employment opportunities.

Improves access

Ease of access is one of the most significant benefits of self-learning. There’s no requirement to travel or stay at an institute, which helps use time and resources more judiciously. With the increasing use of digital devices for learning, many professionals can access online courses through laptops and other devices. These mediums can also connect them with like-minded communities and individuals for guidance, collaboration, and motivation.

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Jubril Damilare Somade

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Practical Tips of Self Learning

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