Social Posting Strategy: Building Community and Connection


How to Build Community and Connection With a Social Posting Strategy

When you implement the right social posting strategy, you’ll reach the people who matter with just a few quality weekly posts. You’ll understand what content your target audience connects with. 

You can raise awareness around your ideal customer’s struggles and educate them on solutions. With greater strategy and awareness, your social presence will attract more ideal clients, even with less frequent posting.

Step 1: Awareness Post 

The first step is creating an awareness post about your ideal customer’s problem. Use whatever social media channels work best for you. 

Discussing problems builds awareness because it positions you as the solution before people even know they have that problem. When you post about a common struggle your ideal customers have, it taps into what they’re already searching for answers about. Even if they didn’t know they had that pain point, they now see you have the solution.

Step 2: Elaboration Post

The next step is the elaboration post. You take the topic you spotlighted in the awareness post and go deeper, establishing more trust and expertise through helpful ideas, tools, tips, resources, or data. 

If your awareness post was on LinkedIn, do a LinkedIn article or newsletter to elaborate. If it was on Instagram, create a carousel post expanding on the awareness Reel.

Elaboration is your chance to prove to new and existing followers that you truly understand their problems and can provide solutions. It shows the human side of your business.

You can write content, but going live to elaborate can feel more authentic. For example, share a weekly live video to elaborate on your awareness post theme in a Facebook group.

Awareness posts tend to reach more people and attract new eyes to your content. The elaboration posts go deeper for those already engaged and loyal followers.

Step 3: Community-Building Post 

The third step is the community-building post. This post establishes trust by showing the personal side of you and your business. This engaging content should feel more raw and vulnerable, focusing on storytelling over selling.

The goal is to give people compelling reasons to support YOU, not just your offering. In a crowded market, what makes you stand out? Show your personality, passions, backstory, and lived experiences. Allowing your followers to get to know and like you builds your online communities. For example, maybe Katie’s followers relate to her background as a sports reporter, or they live in the same town.

Social Media Community-Building Strategy in the Age of AI 

AI is revolutionizing how we interact online and create content—authentic experiences build relationships.

Sharing personal stories and transparency around your journey lets people relate to the real you. That nurtures community in a way AI can’t replicate.

Opening up through community posts attracts followers who want to root for you, not just buy from you. They might not purchase yet, but they’ll advocate for you by telling friends or buying lower-commitment offers like your book or a masterclass.

It’s a depth-over-scale approach—you might have fewer overall followers, but you’ll have a higher-quality community. And those purposeful social media connections convert into loyal brand advocates and customers for life. No AI can replace that personal relationship and trust.

Step 4: Action Post 

The final step is a soft call-to-action post, not a hard sales pitch. The key to this posting strategy is nurturing trust with your audience by providing value upfront without immediate asks. 

Once you’ve guided your audience through awareness, elaboration, and community so they relate to and like you, make soft suggestions to continue the journey elsewhere, like inviting them to listen to an educational podcast episode.

Going back to the earlier AI example, an action post in the sequence could be: “I’ve brought top AI experts to my conference to teach our community about this emerging technology and make sure no one gets left behind. Do you have your ticket?” 

The end call-to-action ties back to the original theme. You lead people on a journey, showing you understand their challenges, have conquered them yourself, and want to shortcut their learning curve by connecting them with experts. 

It’s crucial to lead with generosity, not sales. The community you build will excitedly raise their hands when you have something to help them reach their goals.


Ultimately, public engagement builds community and nurtures fans organically. It plays a crucial role in converting followers into customers. Engaging beyond scheduled posts proves you intentionally create content to help people, not just grow an audience. Nothing replaces public back-and-forth for building relationships and trust!

Make your website appealing for visitors so they will return and buy from you.


Jubril Damilare Somade

Tech | Childhood Educator | Entrepreneur

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