Steps to Mastering WordPress


First, to start with, becoming a good WordPress developer is not easy.

As they say, being the best at something is hard, and it requires you to be someone who knows the ways.

Meanwhile,  here are a few that can help you get started:

  1. WordPress Codex

WordPress codex is a knowledge hub for all the things that are related to WordPress. It is a community-oriented repository that gives focus on the basics of the WordPress and helps you to master the interface of the WordPress from the user’s perspective thereby giving you all the idea and the information regarding the semantics, theme design and plug-in development.

  1. WordPress books

There are quite many books that are available on WordPress. They are quite good to get started with and they can be of the greatest resource and interest to you. It’s always better to start with something that gives you an idea about the topic and taking into consideration the client’s need and their perspective is always good. These books give you an insight into WordPress and you can gain quite a lot of info from them.

  1. WordPress blogs

There are various blogs on the internet that give you a whole lot of information about WordPress. To start with, subscribe to their feeds and follow their daily updates related to WordPress. This gives you exposure to the information available and you can give your feedback and ask your related queries to the authors.

Understanding the Technology

If you want to master WordPress as a developer you need to know the basic technology that is in use. If you’re already past the beginner stage and are a programmer, and the knowledge about PHP and MySQL is not new to you then this can be of great help.

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Jubril Damilare Somade

Tech | Childhood Educator | Entrepreneur

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