Helping businesses succeed by leveraging the power of internet.

The Internet is the future of everything, businesses inclusive in this digital-focused world. Leveraging the power of the internet can boost sales up to 285%, according to statistics. Teckaa uses WordPress, Google, Facebook, Canva, Yoast, Elementor, Hubspot, Microsoft, WordFence and lot more to enhance the way transactions are made. We help organizations of all sizes humanize their communication and personalize their customer experiences across a large audience.

We help you manage your domain/hosting and the design to reach prospects, connect with customers, and improve the way you transact

Teckaa helps you build your business online to enlarge customer reach. Our platform goes beyond just domain/hosting and management.

  • Connect with viewers through personalized content experiences.
  • Explore analytical insights about your audience.
  • Turn those insights into action through integrations with top enterprise tools such as Hubspot CRM and WP ERP.

Global leaders and in the business industry and beyond rely on Teckaa to develop their website and turn prospects into customers.

About Teckaa.

Hello, We are Teckaa, we help solve small and professional business brands and we’re happy to back up our claims with detailed results – how better can our services be vetted? Discover how we’ve helped many brands take their businesses to a new level.

When we started, we noticed small businesses were looking for a way to get their services and products on the Global Village. We saw there’s a niche for that, so we started the company in 2016 and Teckaa has been growing every day through customers’ testimonies of high-quality service rendered. To our existing and prospective customers, we say thank you for trusting us.

Our offi­ce is located in Oyo State, Nigeria, where we deliver best-of-breed beautiful designs including Website Development. We are experts in the usage of CMS, CRM, ERP, SMM, and anything relating to Branding for Small and Professional companies. Also, we provide consultation services and digital transformation for enterprises.

Meet the Teckaa Team

Kolawole Osho


Damilola Atobatele


Jubril Somade


Our vision, mission and core value.

Vision: Building a better business for every business owner online, shaping and remodeling them to become a world-class business.

Mission: We are ready to showcase you to the world, all you have to say is I do. 

Our core value is helping every business owner and everybody get their foot to their place of destination.

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